Notice of Bioinformatics Course Selection-


Notice of Bioinformatics Course Selection

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Notice of Bioinformatics Course Selection
(Spring semester, 2019)

Bioinformatics course in English will be offered from April 29th to June 19th 2019, on the following schedule: the last two classes on Monday afternoons and the last two classes on Wednesday afternoons AT YIFU building C619.
If you are interested, please Email Dr. Liu ( your name, student ID, major and affiliation BEFORE January 20th, 2018.

Best regards,

Rong Liu
College of Informatics in HZAU
Homepage: /info/1093/3004.htm

Bioinformatics Teaching Plan
College of Informatics, HZAU
Available in spring of 2019

Description: This course is based on the Bioinformatics course offered to senior undergraduate students and graduate students. It is an introduction to bioinformatics, which is loosely defined as the intersection between the fields of molecular biology and computer science. This course, which is geared for biologists, consists of eight lectures describing major topics in bioinformatics that will be covered in seven weeks. In each week, one or two lectures (around 1.5 hrs) will be offered, followed by one lab session, which provides an opportunity to use and experiment on bioinformatics software and databases in current genomic and bioinformatics-based research. In the last week of this course, graduate students will present recent progress in bioinformatics for selected topics.
Course prerequisite: Students should have taken molecular biology and one introductory computer science course.
Text book: None. Course slides and reading materials will be provided to students.

Course outline (eight weeks)
Week 1
Lecture 1: What is bioinformatics? History and future of genetics and genomics
Lecture 2: Biological data models and bioinformatics databases
Lab 1: Linux OS, vi text editor, NCBI databases, Ensemble, UCSC genome browser

Week 2 and Week 3
Lecture 3: Pairwise sequence alignment
Lecture 4: Sequence alignment and database searching
Lab 2-3: Perl programming: syntax, variables, scalar, array; dotplot, BLAST searches, local

Week 4 and Week 5
Lecture 5: Gene finding and genome annotation
Lecture 6: Multiple sequence alignment and molecular evolution
Lab 4-5: Perl programming: string, numbers, hash, logical and relational operators; ORF finder, GeneWise, clustalw, jalview

Week 6 and Week 7
Lecture 7: Phylogenetic analysis
Lecture 8: Functional analysis of proteins
Lab 6-7: Perl programming: regular expression, file handles, subroutine; MEGA5, InterProScan, DAVID, PDB

Week 8
Current topics in bioinformatics 1: Student presentations
Current topics in bioinformatics 2: Student presentations
Final examination